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We host live, hands-on classes to get you closer to your goals and help you win back your time.

10XME Programs

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What makes this different from other programs?

Our outcome-based programs are designed to help you get to where you need to be. We created each program to give you all the tools and frameworks you need to 10X any output you want.

Who designed the program?

We designed each program alongside leaders of some of the most innovative tech startups in the region. Each program is also made special with guest lecturers coming in to share their experiences with the topic.

What can we expect in the classes?

You can expect three things: 1. Live and interactive classes allow you to ask questions and get into group discussions. 2. Our courses are designed to be practical and to help you 10x your productivity in days not weeks. 3. Up to 10x in value of your money back in amazing tools, perks, and subscriptions from our partners.

What is the teaching style?

We host live, hands-on classes in our partner venues. You can expect each class to cover essential topics then move into practical training with the lecturer.

Who will be in the class?

Our students for the professional classes are all executives, business owners, and leaders from their respective departments. Our students for the teen classes are students from the top schools in the country.

Our Clients said it all

What I liked about the workshop was that it was very hands-on. We had our laptops out and we were already doing the prompt engineering process. And I can see that we can already start rolling out for my marketing team in particular.

Jen Bilango


"I enjoyed the workshop's hands-on approach, where we immediately engaged in prompt engineering with our laptops. It's a strategy I can envision implementing for my marketing team soon."

Charle Camus


I haven't really attended anything that walks me through the entire process from a marketing perspective, and this (10xme program) really helped me understand how we can utilize AI.

Emerolf Felix


“What I enjoyed the most was using the AI tools to really work out the essentials for a business. It’s especially helpful for those who need to market their own product services.”

Lyssa Ann Ramos


“What I found most helpful was learning more about the prompts and the different tools we can use to fuel our business.”

Jaezen Ngo


“I loved how we could make our own products that we got from combining two products of different companies. It really made me realize that ChatGPT is actually helpful in more ways that I thought so.”

Christian Fernandez


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