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Introducing Ordinals

Bitcoin (BTC) is evolving beyond simple transactions.

10XME Academy
May 20, 2024

What are Ordinals?

Think of Bitcoin's smallest unit, a Satoshi, as a tiny box on the blockchain ledger. Ordinals allow you to "write" data like images or text directly into these boxes, creating unique and identifiable digital assets. Unlike NFTs on other blockchains, Ordinals are "native" to Bitcoin, residing directly on its secure and decentralized network. 

How Do They Work?

This innovation hinged on the Taproot upgrade in 2023, which expanded Bitcoin's capabilities. With Ordinals, a process called "inscription" embeds data within satoshis, turning them into one-of-a-kind digital artifacts.

Benefits and Advantages

This innovation has generated significant interest and has the potential to extend the utility of Bitcoin beyond simple transactions. Ordinals enhance the authenticity, provenance, and transferability of digital assets, providing clear ownership records. They drive innovation, attract users, increase network activity, and transform digital asset management.

BTC Ordinals stand out compared to NFTs from other chains due to their offering of comprehensive on-chain storage, which ensures the security and tamper-proofing of data. They are immutable and include multiple rarity tiers, enhancing collectability. The inscription process involves selecting a specific satoshi within a transaction, resulting in the creation of a unique and traceable digital artifact. Furthermore, Ordinals benefit from the inherent security and decentralization of the Bitcoin blockchain, providing a high level of protection for digital assets.

Exploring the Ordinals Landscape

Imagine a tiny computer program living on the Bitcoin blockchain. That’s essentially what the World's First AI - Artificial Life on Bitcoin is, represented by inscription 76429. This inscription showcases the integration of AI and blockchain technology. This achievement highlights the potential of Bitcoin Ordinals for hosting advanced computational models and artificial life forms. 

Another noteworthy development in the realm of blockchain art is the birth of Bitcoin Shrooms in October 2022. These unique creations have their birth certificates permanently etched on the blockchain, marking a significant milestone for Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Shrooms collection consists of 210 distinct pieces of art inscribed in the 675-1,075 range. Currently, these pieces are valued with a floor price of 2.2 BTC at Magic Eden.

Lastly, NodeMonkes represent another notable collection on the Bitcoin blockchain. These inscriptions hold the distinction of being the first 10,000 ordinal inscriptions securely stored on Bitcoin, ensuring their permanence and immutability. The NodeMonkes were minted through a Dutch auction that took place in December 2023.


Bitcoin Ordinals are rapidly gaining recognition as a specialized subset of Bitcoin that focuses on NFTs, enabling the creation of unique digital assets and fostering heightened authenticity. They offer on-chain storage, immutability, and the inherent security of the Bitcoin blockchain. 

Bitcoin Ordinals are just the tip of the iceberg. Innovations like Runes, an on-chain token standard, further expand the functionalities of the Bitcoin network. This new token standard enables the creation, minting, and transfer of tokens directly on the blockchain.

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